I consciously dedicated myself to my spiritual journey in 2010 and slowly, through trial and error, I learned about myself, as well as life on Earth and its many dimensions. I joyfully continue this journey into spiritual expansion.My Soul's mission is to transmute the Collective Shadow and to realign other Beautiful Souls currently inhabiting Earth to their Highest Divine Potential.I have helped countless beautiful Souls remember who they really are, and discover their true purpose. Thanks to this amazing experience, I was also able to create sessions that will help you:- heal and balance your energy field
- make choices consistent with your highest potential and destiny
- identify and release shadow and trauma from your emotional, mental and physical bodies
- discover what energies and potentials influenced the moment of your birth
- discover your true purpose, both earthly and soul mission
- discover your soul origin and the frequency it carries
- discover those past lives that have the greatest impact on your here and now
- to dissolve fear, doubt and distrust of yourself
- to embrace your full inner power and highest potential
- move forward with clarity, confidence and focus on your highest potential
I will guide you through this process of multi-dimensional transformation and discovering the deeper purpose of your life with great joy and gratitude.My readings are designed to help you make choices and decisions aligned with your true self.A reading of any kind should never take the power out of your own hands.Sending you lots of love & light,